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We provide agronomic expertise on all crops produced in central Eastern Washington and cover a large service area in the upper Columbia Basin. We are located in a rain shadow with annual rainfall between 8 and 14 inches; 75 percent of our farm ground is dryland and 25 percent is irrigated.


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3 questions to ask before purchasing alfalfa seed

October 31, 2018

When I help growers choose the right alfalfa for their operations, there are a lot of factors we discuss. As an adviser, my goal is to really understand each grower’s unique situation and management style to recommend an alfalfa variety that best fits those needs.

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Drone research in alfalfa begins to soar

October 30, 2018

Currently underway is a project to enable alfalfa producers to map yield and quality (or more precisely, nutritive value) across an alfalfa field using an unmanned aircraft system (UAS – also called a drone) at sufficient resolution to enable identification of the yield damage caused by...

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Research update: Alfalfa cutting management on yield, quality

October 30, 2018

Alfalfa is used by and marketed for dairy cows, beef cattle and exports, in the form of cubes and compressed bales. In Washington state, alfalfa makes up about 65 percent of the total hay grown.

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The Norfolk Four Course: Turnips and clovers in revolution

October 31, 2018

This is a story of agriculture in Britain hundreds of years ago, with some applications for us today. The year was 1750. The population of Britain was estimated at 5.5 million. It had reached this level several times over the former 1,000 years but had never surpassed it.

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Snaplage: A third choice on high-moisture corn

October 1, 2018

High-moisture corn can be a valuable alternative for harvesting corn grain for dairy and beef cattle.

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Forage quality: Putting your money where their mouth is

August 30, 2018

Forages are the foundation of all ruminant diets. The fermentation of forages in the rumens of cows, goats and sheep (and the hindgut of horses) is necessary for both meeting the energy and protein needs as well as maintaining a healthy population of microbes in the rumen or hindgut.

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