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We provide agronomic expertise on all crops produced in central Eastern Washington and cover a large service area in the upper Columbia Basin. We are located in a rain shadow with annual rainfall between 8 and 14 inches; 75 percent of our farm ground is dryland and 25 percent is irrigated.


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Tips for making better small square bales

April 29, 2019

Whether you’re baling small square bales for your own use or to sell commercially, one of the most critical factors in producing a better hay bale is retaining moisture.

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Buying and selling hay on the stump

April 29, 2019

Establishing a price for hay on the stump can be a little tricky. A fair price is somewhere between the seller’s cost of production and the buyer’s estimated value minus the cost to harvest.

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Nutrients lost: Hay versus grazing

April 29, 2019

Here’s a question I hear a lot: How much soil fertility does grazing remove from pastures compared to hay? To ask this another way: If I graze a flock of sheep on the field and then sell the lambs, do those lambs and ewes remove as many soil nutrients as when I make hay or balage from that...

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3 ways clovers can boost your forage system

January 8, 2019

Whether you want to grow more homegrown feedstuff without increasing acreage, improve soil structure, add organic matter into the ground, increase soil fertility or all the above – cover crops are an effective and quick way to achieve your forage goals.

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Forage cover crop or fallow: How to decide

December 27, 2018

There has been great interest in cover crops in recent years for a number of reasons, but few scientific studies have evaluated cover crops in semi-arid regions (less than 20 inches of annual precipitation and greater than 40 inches of open-pan annual evaporation).

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Killing your cover crop

December 27, 2018

Cover crops have several important jobs to do over the winter, the most commonly valued of which include erosion control, increased organic matter, soil health, nitrogen management, improved water retention and weed suppression.

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