Putting your alfalfa to bed for winter

August 27, 2020 We may not be thinking of winter when temperatures are 80º to 90ºF, but we should now begin preparing alfalfa for winter if we want good winter survival and high yield next spring. Read more

Tips to produce high-quality hay

August 27, 2020 Producing quality hay is important whether you feed your own hay or sell it to others. When producing hay for on-farm use, we do not often consider its value, but it is still important. Read more

What’s the payout: Using glyphosate-resistant alfalfa in grass mixtures

July 2, 2020 Glyphosate-resistant alfalfa has become a popular option for many growers throughout the U.S. for growing pure alfalfa. It offers improved flexibility in weed management, as well as overall cleaner hay and silage. Because growers can control a wide range of weeds using this technology, many...

Read more


Double crop: Double forage

August 27, 2020 Summer annuals in a double-crop system can return more dollars per acre, but not all summer annuals return the same value or yield. Read more

Selecting forages using game theory models

August 27, 2020 Ask any farmer or rancher to give an example of an “alternative forage,” and you can expect a wide range of answers. That’s because, at its core, an alternative forage is any species that is different from the forage base for a given producer’s operation. Read more

A specialist’s grass

March 2, 2020 Every profession has special tools – auto mechanics, surgeons or sheep shearers. You know, those weird gadgets craftsmen pull out of their toolboxes when they need a whatchamacallit to fix a thingamabob. Read more